minimum 6 oysters per order
Montauk Wild Oysters
( Long Island, NY )
Wild Maine Belon Oysters
( Damariscotta River, ME )
Pink Snapper
With red clay salt
Local Porgy
With seaweed salt
Longtail Snapper
With Sicilian lemon pressed olive oil
Diver Scallops
With tangerine pressed olive oil
Black Bass
With toasted pine nuts
Giant Surf Clam
With honey crisp apple
With husk ground tomato
Mahi Mahi
With Sicilian dried cherry tomato
Sea Trout
With crushed almonds
Sea Trout
With crispy sage
Yellowfin Tuna
Carpaccio with olio verde and chives Alba White Truffles supplement Supp $50
Longfin Tuna
With pickled jalapeno
Seared "au poivre"
Spanish Mackerel
With Gaeta olive aioli
Ceviche with local oysters, radishes and fire roasted chilis
Razor Clams
Two minute ceviche with chilis, scallion and mint
Maine Sea Urchin
With capezzana olive oil
Giant Santa Barbara Sea Urchin
Simply natural
Crudo Tasting
Six unique tastes of our raw seafood in two flights
Uovo di Pollo
Soft scrambled farmhouse egg with Alba white truffle
"French fries of the sea"
Insalata di Pomodoro
Salad of Tim's heirloom tomatoes, wild arugula and farmhouse cheese
Grilled Montauk lobster with a salad of charred fennel and plum tomatoes
Verdura Mista
Organic salad of fall vegetables, sheep's milk ricotta and herb garden vinaigrette
Baked Jonah crab with butternut squash and ritz crackers
Fegato di Pescatrice
Maple syrup glazed local monkfish liver with honey crisp apple and organic grains
Lardo di Tonno
House cured tuna bacon, farmhouse egg and grainy mustard
Salad of Matsutake mushrooms (pine mushrooms) and parmesan vinaigrette
Salad of wild watercress, celery root, ginger gold apple and Coach Farms goat cheese
Crispy halibut cheeks, local steamers and all blue potatoes with Calabrian chili aioli
Vongole al Forno
Local littleneck clams, heirloom apples, Nueske's bacon, just dug horseradish
Soft Cheese from Puglia with grilled California figs, pancetta and aged balsamic vinegar
Grilled octopus with giant corona beans and preserved Sorrento lemon
Insalata di Amara
Salad of local bitter greens and aged merlot vinaigrette
Zuppa di Pesce Amalfitana
Fish soup in the style of amalfi with tomato chili bruschetta
Pesci Azzurri
House marinated sardines with pepperonata - Marinated anchovies, preserved blood orange and Manzanilla olive - Grilled sardines with shallot thyme vinaigrette -Bresaola di Tonno (tuna prosciutto) with capers, raisins and pine nuts - Each $9, Two $12, Three $15, All Four $18
Taglierini Piedmontese
Piedmontese style spaghetti with Alba white truffles
With a one pound lobster, chilis and mint
Thin spaghetti with Grandma's crab sauce
Spaghetti Neri
Squid ink spaghetti with seppia, green chilis and scallions
Maccheroni alla Chitarra
House made guitar cut spaghetti with sea urchin and crabmeat
Gnocchi di Zucca
House made cheese pumpkin gnocchi with lobster, scallops, saba and sage
With briny clams, hot red pepper and pancetta
Gnocchi Di Ricotta
Old Chatham sheep's milk ricotta gnocchi with tomato, bufala mozzarella and basil
Pesce Intero
Branzino per Due o Tre
Whole Mediterranean sea bass for two or three cooked in sea salt - $36PP Alba White Truffle Supplement SUPP $50
Spigola Nera
Whole roasted local black bass with caperberries and olives
Whole crispy local butterfish with butternut squash and sage
Orata Americana per Due o Tre
Whole Grilled local porgys for two or three with salsa verde - $36PP
Crispy local flounder with organic spinach and braised young fennel
Spigola Striacca
Pan roasted wild striped bass with lobster mushrooms and roasted radishes
Grilled red snapper with spaghetti squash and oven dried tomatoes
Zuppa di Pesce
Sicilian style fish stew
Fritto Misto Amalfitano
Crispy mixed seafood
Four story hills farm chicken with primo olives, fregula and lemon
Selection of Italian style vegetables - Any One $9, Any Three $15, Any Five $19

Menus and wine lists are representative only and certain items may change based on availability.